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Injection Molding Process Engine

Scientific Injection Molding

Proprietary Process Engine

Injection molding is NOT a process of trial and error.  In the early days of Xcentric, founder Damon Weaver realized that even the most seasoned injection molding process technicians, lacked the scientific knowledge of processing a mold.  Even though Xcentric employed some of the top process techs in the industry, he found that his molders were processing by trial and error and thus molding stress into parts unknowingly.  He noted that even though a part may look good ascetically, that there could be hidden molecular stress.

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Stress in the part

In the past, customers would do a trial run of parts using clear plastic.  As a result, this would let them see what was happening to the interior of the parts.  This idea would reveal obvious defects such as voids or bubbles caused by the molding process.  However, this concept would not let them see down to the molecular structure of the plastic where stress could build up.

Stress build up in a part can cause the following defects;

  • Warp
  • Fractures
  • Size or shrink issues
  • Color Blends
  • Voids
  • Sink Marks
  • Sheen issues


Process Engine Monitoring Characteristics

Xcentric went on to  developed software to eliminate the areas of the molding process that were causing defects in the plastic parts.  After extensive research and development, the Process Engine came to life, calculating and applying all the perfect conditions to fill a part.  Weaver went on to boast, “if the Process Engine can’t fill a part then there are serious design issues with the part”

Features of the process that the Process Engine calculates, monitors and corrects using a comprehensive algorithm and part geometry.

  • Shot Size
  • Back Pressure
  • Transfer Position
  • Injection Pressure
  • Injection Time
  • Pack Pressure
  • Pack Time
  • Injection Speed
  • Gate Shear
  • Machine Issues

Be sure your custom injection molding company is monitoring for these conditions. Otherwise, there is no guarantee your parts will be free of stress.

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