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Xcentric Mold – Shelby Facility 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Xcentric Mold Expands Capacity 40% to Increase Efficiency for Rapid Prototyping

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich., Juen 8, 2021 – Even with the pandemic, Xcentric Mold & Engineering continues to see consistent growth across all business sectors. In the continued mission to provide an Amazing Customer Experience, Xcentric is expanding the capacity of the Shelby facility by over 40%, allowing the company to domestically produce hundreds of thousands of additional pieces for our customers. In addition to the expansion, the organization has implemented a more strenuous Quality Assurance program ensuring each piece shipped meets the needs of our customers.

“With the massive increase in our Shelby facility, we’ll be able to produce more parts at faster speeds all right here at home. The increased efficiency will help designers iterate quicker, getting better products to market faster,” said Matt McIntosh, CEO at Xcentric. “We’re proud to invest more into the local Michigan community as we expand our injection molding and rapid prototyping services.”

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