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Injection Molding OvermoldingOverMolding or Insert molding is the process of injection molding molten plastic around any substrate or insert.

There are many substrates used in insert molding, but the most popular over molded material is rubber.

One of the  benefit of OverMolding is that part assemblies can be reduced by eliminating one of he parts.  Even though overmolding adds to the cycle time (typically 25 seconds per substrate) it is still much faster than the secondary operations of marrying two or more components at assembly.  Furthermore, by overmolding rubber on top of a plastic substrate allows for thinner wall sections, thus reducing overall part weight and bulkiness.

Did you know you can over mold metal into parts?  It is possible to mix Insert and OverMolding. The end result is a part with different grades of plastics and metals.

Furthermore, Xcentric Mold & Engineering is one of the few injection molding companies that offer overmolding and insert molding services.


Need More Support?

At Xcentric our aim is to give the design engineer all the tools needed to make a fast educated decision.  That is why we have assigned a technical team to all of our accounts.  Furthermore, we believe that the fastest way to market is by preventing issues early on in the process.  Here are some key points that set us apart from other companies.

  • Online quote system – Our Online quote system gives our customers instant access to a technical team.  Your team is made up of a tool engineer and a sales rep.  Once a quote is submitted online, you will have a response within 24 hours.  In addition to that, your quote will be managed through our customer portal.
  • Customer Portal – Our online customer portal gives you 24-7 access to Xcentric from anywhere in the world.  In the portal you can;
    • Submit quotes
    • View and interactive with a live interactive quote.  Which allows you to change features and the price is updated instantly.
    • Purchase Tooling and Parts.
    • Instantly Re-order parts.
    • View history details such as invoices and Purchase Orders
    • Initiate Engineer Changes
    • Organize Parts by type.
    • Update and manage Account Information
    • And many more.  We are always adding features to support our customers needs
  • ISO, ITAR and UL Certified 
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Custom Material Selection – We run more custom resins than any other injection molding company.
  • Free Part Design Analysis – You assigned technical team will review your part and make sure it is ready for the manufacturing process.
  • Budget – Let our sales team find the right process for your budget.

Let us come to you and demonstrate to your engineering team how we can help you with your next project.

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