Injection Molding Parts Gallery

These are medical injection Molded parts.  The process includes over molding using a soft runner over a hard plastic.

This Medical Device consists of two plastic housing known as top and bottom cover.  The assembly is held together with screws therefore, the assembly can be taken apart and interact components can be serviced.

These are injection molded IV line components knows as Y body and lures.  While these parts are small and may look simple, they are actually difficult to produce due to their tight tolerances.

Here is Another Over molded Medical Device Housing.

This is Medical Device with Threads, which also features a locking thread.

Custom Plastic Medical Device for Gynecology.

This is a Medical “y” Body with a locking feature.  It is also used in an IV tube system.

Here is another example of insert molding.  This is a medical device used in the operating room.  Our customer supplied the custom metal rod.

Custom injection molding plastic battery housings offer more flexibility in your assembly.  In addition, custom colors can be molded right into your part.

We are Injection molding internal sprinkler components to prevents corrosion in the field.

A High Fiber Glass content material was used as a filler in this injection molded gun magazine.  This helped our customer to reduce weight and corrosion while offering strong durability.

This is a complex plastic spout.

We can handle very complex parts with multiple undercuts and threads.  Therefore reducing the number of components in your assembly.

These Over molded Caps have custom colors and a soft grip.

Custom insert molding was used on this Plastic Battery Pack.  Our Customer supplied the metal insert for over molding.

This Plastic Injection Molded Airplane Yoke was made with a 60% long strand glass filled nylon.  Even more interesting is that some of the wall sections are more than 1 inch thick.  Because of the long strand and high content of glass filler, there was no sink or warp issues.

We are injection molding complex Plastic Housings for all industries.

This was an invention where the inventor found a solution for cinching a rope.  Furthermore, Xcentric walked the customer through the entire process from design to production.

There is always time for fun.  For that reason, this customer decided a Plastic Injection Molded Ucayali would have a nice sound.  Turns out, He was right!

High-temperature glass filled nylon was used on this Automotive Motor Housing.  As a result, this customer saved time and weight when converting this part from metal.

We don’t always know the end use of our products but here is an Injection molded Electronic Housing for the defense industry.

Injection Molded 7 port plastic manifold

There is no limit to custom colors.  These Custom Plastic injection molded caps are proof of that!

This plastic manifold housing incorporates many ports with hose barbs.

Many of our customers are converting their aerospace parts into plastic when high volumes demand it.  This part has over 40 inserts molded in at once.

This project was an Xcentric exclusive.  We handled all the part design and assembly for this unique Plastic Fishing Rod Holder.

The Tiger Grip is for hanging a paint can on a ladder.

We can handle Custom Plastic Housings of many shapes and sizes.

Here is another Over-Molded Plastic Housing for electronic devices.

Considered one of the hardest injection molded parts ever produced.  This Custom Plastic Housing for Defense Binoculars was constructed of a single piece.  It consisted of over 24 molded-in inserts, 24 undercuts, and 4 internal threads.  1 part took an hour to make as opposed to a normal 30 second cycle.  Most of the time consisted of the assembly of all the loose pieces forming the undercuts and loading the custom inserts for over molding.