CNC Machining of Threads and Holes

CNC Machining Threads and HolesMany CNC machined parts require both internal and external threads.  However, CNC machining of threads can be approached from many different strategies.  It is equally important  to choosing the right machine center for your application.  The reason for this is because when it comes to threads, tolerance and surface finish is crucial. Depending on the thread specs, we can use 5 axis or 3 axis turning or for very fine thread we use a thread grinder.

Traditional 3 and 5 axis cnc machine centers are often used for softer materials such as aluminum, brass, and plastic.  The reason for this is because cutter wear will affect the tolerance of the thread.  When machining threads in any steel or hard materials a thread grinder is preferable.

All of these processes use CNC control for tight tolerances.  When choosing a cnc machining company for your project, be sure they have the right process to handle all of your needs.

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