CNC Machined Parts Gallery

This part was CNC machined using 5 axis cnc Machining.  It is made of aircraft aluminum which allows the customer to reduce weight in his assembly.

This pinion was produced on a cnc lathe with multi tool capabilities to produce the through hole.  This process is great for high volumes as it can be automated

CNC machining

This part was made using a CNC Thread Grinder.

This is an example of a typical 3 axis application for an aluminum bracket.

This locating pin was machined using a CNN Lathe.  Although it can also be made on a 3 axis vertical machine center as well.

This bushing is made using 3 axis techniques with a 5th axis to complete the small holes in the side.

This is a 5 axis stainless steel application.  Although if larger volumes are required then casting may be a better option.

This is a steel application that was polished. Although Chrome plating can also be an option for higher volume.

Many Brackets can be machined from solid blocks.

Gears often require EDM such as wire or conventional.  However, some gears if large enough can be machined with small cutters as small as .020″

5 axis hubs like this one, require many set ups in order to machine form 6 sides.