Material Wall Thickness Design Guide

Material Wall Thickness Guide

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Wall thickness will often determine the mechanical performance, cosmetic appearance, moldability, and cost-effectiveness of your plastic injection molded parts.

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Optimizing wall thickness will help you develop stronger, better looking parts while also reducing blemishes and potential part warp.

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Wall Thickness Chart for Common Plastics

Design Tip: Wall Thickness Guidelines For Plastic Injection Molding Wall thickness is a critical consideration when designing parts for the injection molding process. Understanding best practices for different types of plastic will help you to design parts with...

Ribs Design Guide For Injection Molding

Ribs Design Guide

Ribs Design Guide - Download

Often used for structural reinforcement, ribs provide greater strength and stiffness in molded plastic parts without the need to increase the wall thickness. Thickness and location are essential to rib design.

For design best practices and tips for including ribs, complete the form to download our two-page Rib Design Guide which covers:

  • 5 considerations when designing ribs
  • Sink percentages for common resin
  • Design best practices, tips, and techniques

Boss Design Guide For Injection Molding

Boss Design Guide For Injection Molding

Boss Design Guide

Boss Design Resource

A boss is a common design feature added to plastic parts for locating, mounting, and assembly. Because of their intended function, bosses are often subjected to loads not encountered in other sections of a plastic component.

To ensure your part is designed to meet performance expectations, download our two-page Boss Design Guide. You’ll learn design tips and best practices for:

  • Wall thickness
  • Height
  • Placement
  • Boss design tips

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