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Low-Volume Production and Prototype Custom Plastic Injection Molding and CNC Machining. Shipping Parts Daily to your Door.
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First Parts Shipped

1-15 Days

25 to 250K Parts Annual
Molds From $1,400

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Parts Shipped
1-10 Days

1 to 100+ Parts
Parts Starting at $85

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Parts Shipped
1-10 Days

1 to 50+ Parts
Parts Starting at $30

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Trusted by the most discriminating brands in the world

Real Solutions for our Customers.

“Xcentric mold helped me adapt my drawing to have better support in areas since it would no longer be made of stainless. The mold and the pieces came out beautiful.”

Dale C – Northrop Grumman





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  • Designing for plastics
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  • Eliminating undercuts
  • Overmolding
  • 3d Printing
  • and much more..
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Xcentric Mold Guarantee

Don’t put limits on your injection mold.

Learn about our Lifetime Mold Guarantee>

Using the latest in technology to produce your custom parts, plastic or metal

Learn about the industry’s fastest advanced mold making system>


Come see the difference.  We are sure to meet or exceed your expectations.  Whether you are in the design stage or ready for production, our plastic engineers are ready to help you with your project.  Rapid Prototype through Production we have you covered.  We look forward to earning your business and becoming you U.S source for Injection Molding, CNC Machining and Rapid Prototyping.

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