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A U.S. Injection Molding and Rapid Manufacturing Company.

Low-Volume Production and Prototype Custom Plastic Injection Molding and CNC Machining  in 1-15 days.

Injection molding parts

Service Comparison

There are thousands of  injection molding companies in the united States and throughout the world.  Because of the competitive market, most injection molding companies will claim they are fast and affordable.  However, there are many short comings that hinder these companies from handling your multi part programs day in and out.  When it comes to manufacturing parts for any industry, time is of the essence. What sets Xcentric Mold & Engineering apart from the rest is simple;

  • Speed
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Your Part the Way you Designed it
  • Multiple part Programs
  • Availability
  • Consistence
  • Easy Ordering Process
  • Simple To Complex Parts

In-House Manufacturing

All aspects of your project are handled in house, because of this we are able to control the process and deliver time and time again.

Your Part Your Way

It is important to note that when comparing one injection molding company to another, is whether or not they are giving you what you want.   For example, many molders will tell you to change your part design to fit their process.  At Xcentric we have highly trained design engineers.  If the laws of physics does not hinder the manufacture-ability  of your part, then we can build it.  We at Xcentric know the delays that come with changing the part so it can be manufactured, that is why it is our first priority to make sure you get the part you want your way.  The bottom line, if we can’t build your part nobody can.

Our Advanced Technology Platform

Technology is the driving force behind our injection molding process, which starts from your part design all the way through the shipment of your product.

Service Comparison

Advanced Mold Making SystemYesNo
Proprietary Process EngineYesNo
24/7 Interactive QuotesYesMaybe
Parts Delivered in 1 – 15 daysYesMaybe
In-house Tooling and ProductionYesMaybe
Lifetime Mold GuaranteeYesNo
You Own Your Own ToolYesMaybe
Worry Free Engineering ChangesYesMaybe
Prototype MoldingYesMaybe
CNC Machining ServicesYesMaybe
Rapid PrototypingYesMaybe
Unlimited Part QuantitiesYesMaybe
Manufacturability AnalysisYesMaybe
Manufacturability ReviewYesMaybe
Unlimited UndercutsYesMaybe
Tight Tolerance PartsYesMaybe
FDA & Engineering Grade ResinsYesMaybe
Internal & External ThreadsYesMaybe
Manual & Automatic ToolingYesMaybe
Multi-Component AssembliesYesMaybe
Insert MoldingYesMaybe
Two Shot MoldingYesMaybe
Our Doors Are OpenYesNo
Talk With A Real PersonYesMaybe
Quality ChecksYesNo
Custom ColorsYesMaybe
ISO 9001:2008, UL & ITAR CertifiedYesMaybe