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Prototype Molding

Bridging the Gap Between Short Run, Prototype and Production Injection Molding

Bridging the gap between Prototype and production. With our lifetime mold guarantee and our proprietary mold making system we can produce a mold faster and more durable than any other injection molding company.

Other molding companies will build a typical prototype mold in about 4-6 weeks at Xcentric we can build it in just 1-15 days.

Other Plastic companies have limits as to how many parts their molds can produce. At Xcentric there are no quantity limitations.

Other Manufactures will try and sell you a rapid prototype in order to buy themselves time to build the mold. At Xcentric we often deliver real molded parts in the same amount of time!

Other Injection Molders will sell you a prototype mold then a production mold. At Xcentric we deliver your production ready parts faster than prototype and in most cases less cost, backed by our lifetime mold guarantee.