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Medical Device Manufacturing


Xcentric Mold & Engineering specializes in precision plastic injection molding while maintaining the highest quality standards that medical OEMs require from their medical device manufacturing provider. From design to delivered parts, our customer
experience and manufacturing capabilities make us an industry leader and the best choice for your medical device manufacturing requirements.

Simple or Complex

Simple or Complex parts, Xcentric has you covered. We can quickly and easily produce some of the more complex features in your design:

Faster Medical Device Parts

We are your medical equipment manufacturer that puts custom plastic parts in your hands faster than any other parts supplier. A streamlined manufacturing process coupled with our Proprietary Process Engine and Advanced Mold Making System provides you with a quick turn, low-volume medical equipment manufacturer that delivers medical parts in as quick as 1-15 days. Your partnership
with Xcentric Mold ensures your medical equipment gets to market or testing faster than any other medical parts supplier can.

Clean and Controlled

Utilizing all-electric molding machines in our facility ensures 100% shot-to-shot repeatability and reduced operational costs. Our electric presses use less energy and provide for a controlled, clean environment that allows us to manufacture medical device
components and deliver them to you at the lowest possible price. ISO 9001:2008, UL & ITAR Certified

Designing for Manufacturability

Not all mold makers were created equal. Learn how to incorporate things like draft, threads, hinges and overmolding by taking advantage of the most advanced injection molding process engine and mold making system in the industry. Download It >