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Prototyping or  Low-Volume Manufacturing?

Molds carry similarities but part quantities, lifetime maintenance, quality documentation, and other capabilities can dictate the best molding. Look below to find out which is right for your project? Still curious, chat with an engineer.


Prototype Low Volume Production
Objective Design validation
Form, fit, and function parts
Material trials
Low Volume Production Parts
Bridging Gap from Prototype to Production
Ideally when… Lifetime volumes are below 2,500 parts
An affordable entry point for tooling is important
Part production is only needed for 1 year or less
Part production is needed over multiple years
Lifetime volumes exceed 2,500 parts
Lower part price is critical
Part production is needed over multiple years
Mold costs Lower Higher
Part costs Higher Lower
Timing 3-4 Weeks 3-5 Weeks
Mold Cavities Single Cavity Single & Multi-Cavity
Materials Standard Xcentric Materials, or Customer Provided Standard Xcentric Materials, Custom or Customer Provided
Finishes XME Standard Basic Blasts & Polishes XME Standard Basic, Blasts, Polishes, Custom
Mold Guarantee Limited to 2500 Shots Lifetime/Unlimited
Mold Ownership Yes Yes
Mold Storage 24 Months of Inactivity 36 Months of Inactivity
Quality Documentation Basic Part Inspection Upon Request Basic Part Inspection Included
Additional Inspection Services are available
Base Tool Material High Grade QC-10 Aluminum High Grade QC-10 Aluminum
Set Up Fees Yes Yes but waived on orders of 10,000 pieces or more

Ready to Prototype?

Already through the design process and ready to get your hands on some parts? No problem. At Xcentric, we specialize in quick-turn, rapid prototyping with parts in as few as five days helping you iterate faster. Click below to get a quote in less than 24 hours and get your project started.

Need Design Assistance?

At Xcentric, we have 25 years of experience helping designers and engineers develop medical devices like surgical instruments, dental implants, COVID-19 products, and much more. Partner with one of our engineers to help find the best materials and other tips to bring your product to life.