Five Reasons to Choose Xcentric - Xcentric Mold & Engineering

Five Reasons to Choose
Xcentric Mold & Engineering

  1. On-site Mold Making. Our state of the art, fully equipped tool shop is capable of producing precision molds to the highest standard. We will not outsource your molds overseas like other molding companies. They will be made in the USA at our facility, by our team of highly skilled and experienced mold makers. In-house tooling ensures instant response through the mold building process including maintenance, repairs and revisions.
  2. The Process Engine. Our scientific approach to injection molding. Precision and consistency is important and our unique Process Engine is the driving force behind our molding process. It is used during the production run to provide the process technician the optimal pressure to fill the part free of stress and it will detect any subtle changes that will affect the quality of the part.
  3. No geometry limits. At Xcentric that means we build it to your part design. We do not ask for changes to make it easier for us to build. No one in the plastics industry will tackle more complex parts than us. So, if someone no quoted your part or asked for design concessions it’s because they don’t have the skills to get the job done or they are just adding to their bottom line instead of yours.
  4. Free design review and modification. If we find an area in your part that can’t physically be manufactured, we will make a modification to your 3-D CAD model with a solution that best fits the application and return it to you for approval. Other molding companies tell you to change it without any suggestions. And most of the time the area they tell you that needs to be changed doesn’t need changing at all.
  5. No hassle Quote process. Our team of quote specialists is the most responsive and the most hands on. Our quote team is highly experienced in all areas of plastic injection molding. From design tips to material selection we guarantee that getting a quote has never been easier.

Here at Xcentric, we have listened to what the customer wants from their injection molding company and have tailored a process from the initial quote to design on through manufacturing production parts. We are sure that your buying experience with us will allow you to tend to the other non-plastic components of your project while we take care of the plastic components at our end. Rest assured once you work with us and after completing your first project with Xcentric there will be no question who you will source your future projects to.