Tight Tolerances for CNC Machining of Parts

CNC Machining Tight TolerancesAt Xcentric, we are taking the lead on high precision parts produced from the CNC machining process.

We take great pride in providing our customers with high quality, close tolerance machining. Because of our in-house CNC Machining department and our close partner sources for specialty machining, we are able to turn around parts in as little as 1-15 days.

Not all CNC machine centers can produce the same tolerances.  At Xcentric we are using state of the art Linear motor technology.  This technology eliminates the ball screw that will wear out over time, thus, affecting both surface finish and tolerance.  Furthermore, our CNC machines are also equipped with automated thermal expansion controls.  This allows us the repeat-ability we need to achieve the same part specs from 1 to 100 plus at a time no matter what the room temperature is.

When choosing a CNC Machining company, ask if they are using Linear motor technology and if their machines are equipped with thermal expansion controls.