Learn More About Injection Molding with These Animations

You’ve likely read about and understand injection molding (if you haven’t, go here).  But there may be some terminology that you just need to visualize.  Watch what insert molding, overmolding and undercuts are all about and how you can utilize these injection molding features to help with your part design.

What is an Undercut?

What is Insert Molding?

What is Overmolding?

Get Overmolded and insert molded parts with unlimited undercuts fast!

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2 Responses to “Learn More About Injection Molding with These Animations”

  1. Alp says:

    Very simple and on point. I love the videos. Will you publish more of these? I’m really interested in learning more about injection molding and the animations really help.

  2. Brian Graves says:

    Hi Alp. Yes, there are more videos in the works. Look for them early 2017. Thank you for your comment!

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