How Two Brothers Reshaped an Industry


Brendan and Damon Weaver aspired to be the best mold makers in the industry. It was Autumn of 1996.

They had both been working at the same company and had utilized the available 3D CAD software and CNC technology at the time. But unfortunately, they had pushed themselves to their limits with their employer and felt that they were being held back by the lack luster advancements of a 100 year-old industry.

They were determined to make it better.

For two years prior, Brendan and Damon were constantly bouncing what ifs off each other. What if it can be done faster? What if it can be done better?

As computer technology was making advances every 6 months, their employer had settled into complacency; unwilling to invest to keep up pace.

Brendan, the older of the two, had more experience in the industry as a journeyman mold maker. But he had the uncanny marketing ability to know exactly what the customer wanted before they wanted it. Brendan could seemingly market any product that he fully understood. And he understood plastic injection molding.

Damon, on the other hand, was strong in computer science and mechanical engineering who developed many software applications from scratch.

What do you get when you combine a marketing savant and a computer whiz with a desire to reshape an entire industry?

Xcentric Mold & Engineering.

It was a simple, but elegant thought that started it all. If Design Engineers are using the latest in software and technology to create a part, then why shouldnt that technology be available through the whole process of making the part?

It would be a different kind of injection molding company. One that would embrace technology and give their customers exactly what they needed as quickly as possible. It was the recipe that would finally reshape an industry that had been stagnant for nearly 100 years and too stubborn to keep up with ever advancing technology.

Damon began working on creating software and a process for the manufacturing while Brendan worked on creating a streamlined system for turning around faster quotes and marketing it. The goal was to give their customers an easy, no-hassle shopping experience by eliminating all the obstacles that were responsible for delaying a project.

By 2004, Brendan and Damons two systems finally came together. It was then they realized that they had the fastest and most cost effective system in the industry.

Ever since, the Weavers have been constantly evolving their proprietary technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, they boast:

  • the fastest quote turnaround
  • the fastest mold and parts delivery
  • the lowest cost for an injection mold
  • the industrys first Lifetime Mold Guarantee
  • the industrys only Injection Molding Process Engine (ensuring stress free molding)
  • the best shot-to-shot repeatability in the industry

In addition to Injection Molding, they now offer a variety of other services such as CNC machining of metal or plastic parts, Rapid Prototyping and Cast Urethanes.

Xcentric was built exclusively with the designer in mind and continues to grow and add valued services.

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