About Us

Leaders in rapid prototyping and injection molding

Over 25 Years

Experts in Design

Xcentric has served the quick-turn, plastic injection molding industry.  With the advancement of in-house technologies, we now offer CNC MachiningRapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Services in addition to our core injection molding service.  In addition, we’ve expanded from our early years serving solely automotive companies to now serving companies from the Fortune 100 to innovative start-ups across industries such as medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics and more. 


Today Xcentric Mold & Engineering has expanded into two customized plastic injection molding  facilities designed around the our core process philosophy.  The technology developed by Xcentric, executed by its team of manufacturing experts, and led by a team of seasoned industry veterans, provides our customers with consistent results under ever shorter timelines.  As a result, you get your product to market faster than ever. 

Who We Serve

Industry leaders trust us in rapid manufacturing to streamline the product development process, reduce production cost, and bring products to market on time and on budget.


Meet stringent criteria & FDA requirements while achieving your design intent.


On-demand keeps production running while integrating high-tech components.


Optimize material selection to mitigate risk and achieve fit, form, and function.


We quickly scale production to help you meet unpredictable market demands.


Precision parts manufactured to exact requirements for the USA’s defense initiatives.


Reduce weight, maintain strength & function with high-performance plastics.

Ready to Prototype?

Already through the design process and ready to get your hands on some parts? No problem. At Xcentric, we specialize in quick-turn, rapid prototyping with parts in as few as five days helping you iterate faster. Click below to get a quote in less than 24 hours and get your project started.

Need Design Assistance?

At Xcentric, we have 25 years of experience helping designers and engineers develop medical devices like surgical instruments, dental implants, COVID-19 products, and much more. Partner with one of our engineers to help find the best materials and other tips to bring your product to life.