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Xcentric Mold & Engineering was founded by the Weaver brothers, Brendan and Damon.  Because of their combined ingenuity, together they were a recipe for success.  Both brothers were brought went through an advanced apprentice program where they learned the scientific approach to Plastic injection molding.  The apprentice program would teach them engineering and processing skills needed to succeed in the industry.  Due to their hunger for technology and the lack of its existence at the time, the Weaver brothers would soon outgrow the apprentice and journeyman program and began developing technological skills of their own.  The weaver bros. would soon find them selves way ahead of their peers and their employers.

As a result, in 1997 the Weaver Brothers opened their first injection molding facility based just outside of Detroit, Michigan.  It is here where Brendan and Damon took their skills and began to advance them using technology.  While Brendan used his business and customer relation skill to hone in on marketing and sales.  Like wise Damon used his business and technological background to develop processes and software to keep up with the demand.


Today, Xcentric has expanded into two plastic injection molding facilities.  The technology developed by Xcentric has given them the advantage over all other injection molding companies.  Where the Weaver brothers boast “there is nobody faster or affordable”

With an online presence and a technology driven process, Xcentric is able to focus on what the customer really needs in today’s fast pace market.  As a result, customers are able to get their parts to market faster than ever.

For over 22 years, Xcentric has served the quick-turn plastic injection molding.  With the advancement of in house technology Xcentric now offers CNC machining services as well as Rapid Prototyping and 3D printing services in addition to their core injection molding service.  Also, Xcentic has far expanded from the early years of automotive and now serve companies from the Fortune 100 to innovative start-ups.  Xcentric serves a broad range of industries, including medical, aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics and more.

No matter the complexity of the part or quantity.  Xcentric can deliver a wide variety of plastic and metal custom parts in as little as little as 1-15 days. Furthermore, online quotes are ready in less than 24 hours.

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