Choose An Agile Injection Molding Company, Bring YOUR Designs to Market, Faster than Ever

In a world accustom to instant gratification, the urgency for rapid manufacturers to help customers bring plastic injection-molded products to market faster and cheaper is more competitive than ever.

There’s no question about it—speed is critical. But so is achieving your design intent.

Otherwise, “faster and cheaper” loses its appeal.

Like most product designers and engineers, you don’t just want plastic parts fast. You want your custom injection-molded products produced to exact requirements. On time and on budget.

However, when speed is the singular focus, your design intent becomes an afterthought. This is perhaps most evident in a transaction-based approach to plastic injection molding projects.

Pitfalls of a transaction-based plastic injection molding company

According to an adage, in business we are fortunate if we can choose any two of the following: speed, quality, or value.

When it comes to plastic injection molding, this model fails to deliver. In part, because it lacks investment in your overall success.

The goal is to get products to market as quickly as possible. Period. Therefore, customers are often asked to change their designs to fit a process. Which can result in:

  • Compromising the quality of material 
  • Changing the design to accommodate pre-defined requirements
  • Skipping quality control steps in the product development process


As you can imagine, compromising in these critical areas can result in:

  • Poor functionality and missed design intent
  • Reduced part integrity
  • Expensive product recalls

This lack of customer focus has prompted a growing demand for more personalized service and support.

Relationship-based, custom injection molding company. Your design, on time and on budget

The customer experience with Xcentric is different. It is a personalized and highly collaborative relationship. One that enables us to understand goals and achieve design intent.

When you partner with Xcentric for rapid manufacturing, you’ll work directly with our on-site SMEs. And you’ll have access to our high-performance manufacturing services and facilities

An agile process to achieve your intended fit, form, and function

We do not force designs to fit predefined parameters. We collaborate with customers and their internal teams to fully understand the scope of the project.

Often, the competition only meets with customers at the prototype stage. In contrast, Xcentric gets involved early in the product development process. And then we place an SME at every step from concept through production.

This transparency and early involvement in the product development process enables us to:

  • Optimize designs for manufacturability
  • Provide advice on material selection
  • Mitigate risk – during product development and in the supply chain
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
  • Reduce product launch delays

As a result, our customer-first approach helps us to achieve design intent while maintaining quality, speed, and cost-efficiency.

First, we provide an amazing customer experience. Second, our team gets involved early in the product development process. And finally, we place on-site SMEs at every step from concept to delvery.

Xcentric: your injection molding company

In conclusion, don’t compromise your design intent. Partner with an agile injection molding company to:

  • Optimize designs for manufacturability
  • Bring products to market on time and on budget
  • Mitigate supply chain risk
  • Stay current with ongoing touch points to provide design resources and design tips

We would like the opportunity to earn your trust as an approved vendor for rapid manufacturing. Please consider Xcentric when quoting your next project. Get us invovled early so we can help reduce risk and bring products to market fast. 

Contact an Xcentric Application Engineer at 248-598-4636 or  You can also upload a part to request a custom quote. 

Working on a project?

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