Product Material Selection

There are many elements that influence the plastic injection molding manufacturing process. A key component to this process is the material used to create the part itself. There are numerous thermoplastic resin material options that are available for plastic injection molded parts. The content of these materials will directly affect part production. It will impact several critical factors in the manufacturing process such as strength, durability, cost of production and time to market.

When you are working with a manufacturing partner such as Xcentric Mold & Engineering, you should be aware of the material content of your product. Ask if and how the materials are mixed. The answer to that question may affect your part’s future production success. To ensure the highest quality standards such as ISO, Xcentric Mold & Engineering always uses 100% virgin materials on every job in the manufacturing process.

Color plastic pellets

Not all manufacturers are created equal. In some cases, old or previous used materials are reground and incorporated into the material mix. This can lead to many pitfalls in the process such as material contamination and defective parts. Being aware and reviewing the right material composition upfront will contribute to ensuring that you have successful part creation and production in the future.

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