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Get A Free Surface Finish Guide

August 2, 2018

The surface finish of an injection molded part is a critical feature that directly effects the outcome of your product going to market. Whether an internal or external part, the finish can range from a rough textured surface to a fine polish.  Sometimes cosmetic treatments also play a role in its outcome. Engineers and Product Designers determine the surface finishes of parts based upon the materials used in the manufacturing process, the development or production stage the part is in and end-use applications.

There are numerous thermoplastic resins available for injection molding. Each material offers a variety of features such as durability, flexibility, and strength.  Xcentric Mold  & Engineering offers a robust material selection, therefore there are many surface finish options for your custom plastic injection molded parts. Below is a list of our more popular finishes:

Mold Finishes
SPI* Standard Finish Finishing Method
A-2* High Glossy Finish Grade #6, 3000 Grit Diamond Buff
A-3* Normal Glossy Finish Grade #15, 1200 Grit Diamond Buff
B-2* Medium Semi Glossy Finish 400 Grit Paper
B-3* Normal Semi-Glossy Finish 320 Grit Paper
XT-1 Light Texture Light Bead Blast
XT-2 Heavy Texture Heavy Bead Blast
*SPI (Society of Plastic Industry) Standards


Our aluminum molds can be quickly produced. All texture and polish is directly applied to the mold itself and transferred to the parts themselves during the injection molding process.

surface finish guide

We offer a free mold finish texture guide as featured above. If you are interested in receiving one contact us at or at

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