Top 3 Ways To Reduce The Development Cycle Up To 50%

Here are a few tips you can easily implement to help to cut your development by up to 50% from conventional manufacturing.

  1. Utilize a Manufacturability Analysis – If Injection Molding is the right manufacturing process for your project, you can limit the amount of redesign work by quickly addressing problematic areas in your part while expediting the production process.
  2. Get a fast quote– With speed to market being a critical factor in a successful project, there’s almost no excuse to have to wait days or weeks to get a quote. Make sure your preferred vendor can turn your quote around in under a day. It will instantly shave days off your development cycle.
  3. Use a domestic supplier – It’s true! Sourcing from within the US is just faster and more reliable. Due to the relative close proximity and no language barrier, you will get almost immediate responses to questions or concerns, shipping times will be faster and more reliable and you won’t have to worry about quality or copyright issues.

These three tips alone can shave days or weeks off your product development cycle!
In addition, we’ve created the Smart Guide to Design for Manufacturability.  When used in conjection with a manufacturability analysis, you are almost guaranteed to get your part design right the first time!
If you have any projects, Xcentric Mold & Engineering can offer all the above and more. Things like a Lifetime Mold Guarantee, interactive quotes that update in real time, our Advanced Mold Making System and our Proprietary Process Engine for stress free parts every time.
And finally, because we know how complex some parts can be, we do not impose design restrictions. If it can be molded, we can do it. Unlike some vendors, we won’t ask you to redesign your part to make it easier for us.
If you have a project, Get a Quote within hours!  Or give us a call and speak to one of our experienced sales engineers at (586) 598-4636