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Specializing in Low-Volume Custom Injection Molding and CNC Machined Parts.
Complete Guidelines
1st Shot Parts to ship by   Next Day 2 - 5 Days 6 - 10 Days 11 - 15 Days
Max. Part Size   3.5" x 5.5" x 2.0" 3.5" x 5.5" x 2.25" 6.0" x 8.0" x 5.0" 24" x 24" @ 32 oz
Max. # of Surfaces   25 100 500 1200
# of Side Pulls   0 Up to 2 Up to 4 Multiple
Finish   Up to SPI-D3 Up to SPI-B3 Up to SPI-A3 Up to A-1
General Purpose Resins   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engineered Resins   No No If available If available
Black or Natural   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Colors   No If available If available Yes
Over Molding   No No Yes Yes
Insert Molding   No Yes Yes Yes
Gate Location   Set by Xcentric Set by Xcentric Customer Option ** Customer Option **
1st Shot Part Quantity   Up to 25 Up to 60 Up to 150 Up to 250
Part Quantity After 1st shot   Unlimted Unlimted Unlimted Unlimted
Tool Ownership   Xcentric Mold Xcentric Mold Customer Option Customer Option
  • A Purchase Order (PO)* and 3D CAD file must to be submitted via fax or e-mail by 12:00 pm EST on the start date of your project and your parts will ship on the next business day or up to 15 days depending on your requirements and your part.

  • All orders will ship via FedEx or UPS.

  • Xcentric Mold reserves the right on rare occasion to defer XPRESS PARTS projects due to high demand or maximum capacity. Please feel free to contact our sales staff for timing and availability.

* If you are a current Xcentric Mold customer, A PO number is sufficient to start processing your order. All new customers may place an XPRESS PARTS order with a credit card or by establishing credit with Xcentric Mold prior to your order.

** Ejector or gate layouts will be determined by Xcentric Mold. If customer prefers specific gate location, it must be submitted prior to purchase order. Layouts will be submitted to the customer for approval and must be responded to within 2 hours of the time and day they are submitted from Xcentric to you. If the ejector and gate layouts are important, they must be agreed upon prior to the PO.

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