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Specializing in Low-Volume Custom Injection Molding and CNC Machined Parts.
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Reverse Engineering
Do you need an aftermarket part made, but do not have a 3D model? No problem, Xcentric can help!

Send us your 2D print or sample part and we will convert it into a 3D model. Once the conversion process is completed we can build a Rapid Prototype using SLS, SLA, FDM or CNC machining processes. This rapid prototyping processes will allow you to test for fit and function of your plastic component before you make an investment in a custom mold.

You don't have a 2D print but have a sample of the part you need made? No problem send us the sample and Xcentric can create a 3D model from your sample. If you require changes to be made to the sample part, that is ok we can help customize the part to your specific needs.

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